It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.

So begins one of the most famous pieces of literature, several movies, a webseries, and now my blog. This is not, however, my way of announcing that I’m about to propose marriage to the next rich guy that I meet. That would be a bit extreme.

I am a fangirl. This used to be something that I didn’t talk about in public for fear that I’d look “weird,” but there’s a point when you need to stop hiding the parasol and Regency gown in your closet and just host a costumed Austenland party. Or five.

I am a fan of good stories, especially ones from a different time and place. I love the social rules that the characters must abide by in books like Pride and Prejudice and Les Misérables, and I love reading the painfully awkward moments that I pray I never have to experience. I also love watching good adaptations of my favorite stories. I love when a good writer can put my favorite characters in beautiful clothes and make something even better than what I had imagined, and when I know a story too well, I love when a writer can make me look at my favorite characters in a different way. The first kind of adaptation leads to my love of BBC miniseries, and the second to my love of webseries.

This blog will be my time to both rant and wax on about books. If you want snark on silly things on the internet that say things like “Keep calm and wait for Darcy” or my recommendations on literary webseries, I am glad to be of service. Until my next post, you can find me on social media or on my couch writing cover letters to the tune of some movie. I’ll leave you with a beauty tip from Austenland.

Late at night when I’m all alone, I put my face in the fire.


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