Two weeks behind, two weeks’ worth of frustration (Catching Up, Part 1)

I’ll be honest with you, as I write this, I’m about two weeks behind on Classic Alice and The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy. I’m also five months behind on From Mansfield With Love. This is pretty embarrassing for someone who’s blogging about webseries and books and adaptations, but sometimes you get really busy and then get mad because certain characters are being stupid and GOSH DARN IT THEY JUST NEED TO APOLOGIZE (I’m looking at you, Peter Pan).

For this reason, I’m going to sit here and blog my thoughts as I finally find out what Alice & Andrew and Peter & Wendy are up to. I’ll try to keep from spoiling any big surprises.

Classic Alice

If you missed last week’s post, Classic Alice is about a girl who decides to make major life decisions based on what characters in books do. Last season was pretty rough, and Alice had to deal with shifty people doing hurtful things and her growing feelings for Andrew. This season, Alice and Andrew are dating (and they’re adorable) and restarting the book project. Alice just finished Thoreau’s Walden, and now she’s doing North and South by Gaskell, which will be pretty interesting since she’s not exactly in the position to start saving, arguing with, nor falling for Mr. Rich Broody McBroods-a-lot. Today I have episodes 61-65, which include the end of Walden, two confessionals, and the beginning of North and South.

This week, we found out why Andrew’s been a little distant with Alice. She picked North and South because it’s about a girl moving to a new city that was completely out of her element, and she knew that it was going to be a similar situation when she visited Andrew’s family. It turns out that Andrew’s parents are filthy rich, and, while he helped his girlfriend get a great internship with his dad’s publishing company, he’s not happy about it. I guess this could be adapted where Alice is Margaret Hale and the Pritchards are the Thorntons, but that’s going to mean that Alice becomes best friends with the Pritchard Publishing employees while Andrew a) plays the uninvolved participant, b) throws rocks at his parents, or c) unsuccessfully proposes to Alice. There isn’t an obvious way that this story will play out, so I’m actually really excited to see what the writers do.

On a side note, Classic Alice is doing this cool diary thing where you can sign up to get diary entries from a character all season. I think I gave them my parents’ address (I’m moving out of my apartment soon), and I’m SO excited to get my first one in the mail.

The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy

So, last season ended with Tink (who’s a real fairy) conspiring with Jas Hook to get Wendy out of Neverland. Wendy gets her dream job and asks Peter to come with her, but instead he packs a bag of whatever she’s left at his house and says goodbye. I cried. This season, Peter’s been dating Lily and Wendy’s been dating Jas, but they obviously miss each other. Because I’m so mad at Peter right now, I have episodes 7-12 to watch.

After an adorable video of John and Michael pretending to be grownups in the newspaper world, Mr. Darling asks Wendy to come home. The very idea stresses her out because things ended so painfully with Peter, but Jas convinces her to start her book tour in Neverland. In my opinion, Jas is a bit too sweet, and Wendy’s and his relationship kind of grosses me out. Apparently Jas and Lily have been hiding how it is exactly that Wendy ended up in New York, so maybe this will be the push for Peter and Wendy to get back together. Peter saves Wendy from the evil Captain Hook in the book, right? It’s not that Jas isn’t charming or that he doesn’t act more mature than Peter, I just don’t trust him.

Seeing how long this one post is, I think I’ll wait to give you my thoughts on From Mansfield with Love until later in the week. Want to binge with me? I’ll meet you on Episode 20. Until next time!


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