Buying my way into Poe’s Party

Edgar Allan Poe is throwing a dinner party, if he can get enough funding, and I’m looking forward to watching it from afar. What, you may ask, is the #poeparty?

A Tell Tale Vlog is a creation from Sinead Persaud, Sean Persaud, and Yulin Kuang of Shipwrecked Comedy. It’s basically a short webseries of Edgar Allan Poe trying to write poe-ms (yes, that’s a joke in the first episode) while being haunted by a lady ghost. A lady ghost who talks like a valley girl.

It turns out that Edgar is a terrible roommate who literally has beating hearts in his floor and who sends ravens to the girl he likes. Lenore can’t deal, so she moves on to John Proctor in Salem.

We saw a little bit of Lenore and John in another Shipwrecked series, Kissing in the Rain.

And that’s it.

There was a video last year announcing the project, and the Kickstarter is now up and running.

Ed and Lenore have 16 days left to raise the remaining $18,214. Ron Weasley (that is, Joey Richter) himself is playing Ernest Hemingway. We also have Lauren Lopez (Draco Malfoy, of course) as George Eliot. There’s a bit of a Lizzie Bennet Diaries reunion with Ashley Clements playing Charlotte Brontë to Mary Kate Wiles’s Annabel Lee.

Is Edgar going to murder Eddie, a great guy? (I seem to remember seeing that threat somewhere.) Will the guests understand this very long dinner party/gala invitation? Will there be actual ravens?

For a mere $5, you can get your own invitation to the party. For more money, you can get things like posters and invitations to real life dinner parties.

I guess I’m not too good to buy my way into parties, because that’s the only way we’ll get to see the showdown between Edgar and Eddie. If they raise $18k, we’ll all get to (virtually) attend the party! Click here for the Kickstarter.


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