Growing up with Peter and Wendy (the webseries)

Growing up and “adulting” has been an almost constant thought for the last year. I started this blog so I’d have writing samples for my portfolio (and also because it was my 2015 New Year’s Resolution). I’ve been applying and interviewing for full-time jobs. I’ve been working in a part-time retail job and learning how to build friendships from scratch.

There’s far more certainty in college than in “real life.” College has a timeline and a checklist of what you need to do in order to be successful. In real life, especially when you’re still waiting to start your career, you might have a checklist of what will make you qualified for certain types of jobs, but you don’t have a guarantee that it will pay off, and you definitely don’t have a timeline for how long it will take to get a “real job.” It’s bewildering. You’re like a chicken running around with its head cut off, except that you’re actually that Barbie doll in the Barbie Dream House that really needs its head glued back on. You don’t really know when that magical glue gun is going to come along, but at some point it will, and then you’ll look like all the other Barbies that visibly have it all together.

There’s my segway into why I like The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy. I remember reading the original story in 5th grade and enjoying the live-action movie. At the time, they were great, but now I have trouble relating to a children’s fantasy/adventure story about 12 year olds who don’t want to grow up. However, these webseries characters are my age, and they’re trying to figure out life at the same time as me.

In the first season, Wendy was 27 and trying to leave her hometown. She had big dreams and applied for job after job after job, but none of her efforts bore fruit. At the same time, she started dating Peter, the best friend who was content in Neverland and didn’t want to grow up. The first season was about this tension between making plans for the future, and enjoying the adventures and mistakes of youth and life right now.

In the second season, all of Wendy’s dreams came true. She had a great job, great friends, and a boyfriend with ambition equal to her own. She had everything she thought she wanted in Season One, and then she learned how fictional her dreams and reality were. Her relationships with her family were suffering, and her breakup with Peter was still messy and unresolved. Her perfect boyfriend might not be so perfect after all. This season was about fulfillment of wishes that are too good to be true.

The third season is currently crowdfunding for the last 1/3 of the story. Season Two ended with Peter presumably going undercover at Jas Hook’s company so he can (in the new season) rescue the Darlings from the pirate-y businessman. Season Three will have a rescue and a happy ending. Hopefully, Peter will grow up in this adaptation, because he is immature and childish in the other seasons. Even if he stays in Neverland forever, he’s going to need a way to pay the bills and move out from Michael’s room.$50,000 gets us a new season and a happy ending, and I want to see that happen for all the characters.

The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy is one of the few shows that I watch and think, “Wow, this is me.” It’s about dreams and confusion and making mistakes. It’s about characters that don’t have it all together. Sometimes I feel like the 20something characters on TV are too perfect. Sure, they’re making mistakes and learning, but they don’t spend months on end being rejected from jobs. Their money troubles are only useful for an episode or two, and then they magically find a new job that manages to fix everything.

I know this isn’t the most realistic show on the internet (I mean, it has an actual fairy for a camera-person), but it feels so relevant to me as a Millennial. It’s a show about how confusing it is to grow up. It’s a show about working hard for your dreams and your relationships. It’s a show for and about people who don’t know what they’re doing with their lives, and I love it.

Watch the show (that video embedded above is the entire playlist), and then contribute some amount of money on Indiegogo. This show is worth it.


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