I was raised with a love for reading. The first chapter book I remember reading was Little House on the Prairie in 1st grade. The first series to truly catch my interest (and give me a literary crush) was The Chronicles of Narnia. My first book obsession was The Lord of the Rings in 5th grade, and Harry Potter followed a few years later. My first Jane Austen novel was Sense and Sensibility in around 9th grade. The first book I read for school that I actually liked was A Tale of Two Cities. The book that made me realize just how much I hate abridged novels was Les Misérables.

In May of 2012, my cousin introduced me to The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. That’s not the moment when I fell in love with webseries as an adaptation format; that started a few months later when I went on a weekend-long LBD binge. Since then, I’ve watched Sanditon, Emma Approved, Frankenstein MD, The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy, Green Gables Fables, Jules and Monty, Classic Alice, From Mansfield with Love, Kissing in the Rain, A Tell Tale Vlog, I Ship It… I forget what else. Modern adaptations of classic literature are nothing new, but vlogs? These give insight into characters that have been done a million times and make flat characters round. They inspire true feelings, and I love that.

Is there already a longform blog specifically devoted to literary webseries or book adaptations? Possibly. Probably. This is my place to sarcastically ramble about the things I love and give my very strong opinions on things like “Why Darcy isn’t that great” or “Books that would make great webseries.”

Join me as I fangirl over books and go through fictional universes at the speed of my internet connection!



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