Questions you didn’t ask, but might be wondering

Hi! I’m Bethany. I’ve noticed that as more people have read my blog, the more they’re actually clicking on my about page. You might be wondering who I am. I know I would.

How are you qualified to talk about these things?
I’m a book nerd, and I really like literary adaptations. That’s about it. This blog is one of my hobbies.

What did you study in school? 
International business with a concentration in French and a minor in marketing. I’m quite proud of the fact that I worked The Lizzie Bennet Diaries into about five different school presentations, and I think Lizzie would be too.

Why don’t you write as often as you used to?
I started this blog partly so I could build my writing portfolio while I was looking for a job, and partly so I had a creative outlet. Then I worked in retail for two years and had weird hours, and now I have a full-time marketing job. I write a lot about sustainability and industry things on my company’s blog.¬†That’s not to say that I’ve dropped this blog, but life gets busy, and more than half of my workweek is just me writing stuff at my computer.

When’s your next update?
I have several drafts that I haven’t finished. I tend to hold my writing to very high standards, so if I don’t like where something is going, I have trouble finishing it within a reasonable amount of time. I’m learning to give myself grace.

But I miss you! How can I see what you’re up to?
My username on basically every kind of social media is @betanianne. Also, I have a parody foodstagram called @everythingidevoured.